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Martinsburg Borough Council Minutes – November 7, 2011


NOVEMBER 7, 2011

The regular meeting of the Martinsburg Borough Council was held on Monday, November 7, 2011, in the municipal building. The meeting started at 7:00 p.m. with prayer by Randy Stoltz and the Pledge of Allegiance.

ELECTED OFFICIALS PRESENT: Mayor Rex L. Hartman, President Connie S. Lamborn, Vice-President Doreen K. Easly, Councilman Edward L. Bennett, Councilman Durban D. Metzler, CouncilwomanLinda K. Smith, and Councilman Daniel R. Smouse

ALSO PRESENT were Borough Manager Randy Stoltz, Borough Secretary Jane Staily, Chief Kerry Hoover, Sgt. Justin Davis (arrived at 8:00 p.m.), Rich Brantner, Jr.(arrived at 7:05 p.m.), Attorney Frederick B. Gieg, Jr, Attorney Matt Gieg, Attorney Chris Jancula, Allan Bassler of the Morrisons Cove Herald (arrived at 7:20 p.m.) and Rich Coleman of the Altoona Mirror,

Attorney Chris Jancula was introduced as a new law partner at Gieg and Gieg Attorneys. He currently resides in Martinsburg.

The MINUTES of the regular meeting of October 3, 2011, were approved on a motion by Doreen Easly, seconded by Durban Metzler. The motion passed unanimously.

The MINUTES of the special meeting of November 1, 2011, were approved with the correction that Sgt. Justin Davis was also present on a motion by Linda Smith, seconded by Doreen Easly. The motion passed unanimously.

The FINANCIAL AND TREASURER’S REPORTS were presented for October 2011 as written.

The LIST OF BILLS for October 2011, check nos. 6195-6241 in the amount of $63,423.65, was approved on a motion by Doreen Easly, seconded by Linda Smith. The motion passed unanimously.

Chief Kerry Hoover presented the police report as written. Attended the SCCBA dinner meeting held here in Martinsburg on October 20 – helped with the tour of the new municipal building afterwards; Trick or Treat Night was held on October 27 countywide except in Williamsburg – Martinsburg appeared to have less trick or treaters this year due to the cold weather and there were no incidents; the department’s annual firearms qualification was recently held; the Martinsburg Ministerium is taking over the Toys for Kids Program and renaming it Cove Christmas Love; it is time to renew the Huston Township Police Agreement for the years 2012 and 2013 – a committee was appointed to included Rex Hartman, Doreen Easly and Chief Kerry Hoover to review the agreement for the December meeting; and the new dispatch system will be starting the first week in December.

Manager Randy Stoltz reported that the new Marathon 65 Crack Sealing Machine was delivered and was use for the first time on November 1; met with Mike Bowser of PennDOT to discuss the roadway beside Riverside – the borough can take it over as a street; repaired a collapsed storm drain on October 6;

Also on October 6 a Pennline truck spilled blue dye on the highway and intoHoover’s car wash which ultimately ended up at the wastewater treatment plant. Emergency Management checked into the spill and it ended up involving three counties. A material data sheet was obtained on the dye. It was a concentrated marking dye. It turned out not causing much of a problem but would have ended up going into theChesapeake Bay if it hadn’t been contained at the wastewater treatment plant. Pennline also knocked out the power in a portion of the town that same day when they were in trimming trees.

Painted five exterior doors on the new municipal building on October 10; attended a 911 Workshop in Altoona on October 12 to update our emergency operation plan resource manual – Manager Stoltz is hoping to complete the manual for the December council meeting – a promulgation must be signed – our last one was done in 2003; met with some individuals to try to get funding for a new comprehensive plan; Rich and Brian installed new shingles on the authority’s Wineland Well 3 building on October 17; repaired a water main leak on S. Mulberry St. on October 18; Martinsburg hosted the South Central Counties Boroughs Association dinner meeting on October 20 – a thank you was sent to Representative Jerry Stern for being our speaker at the event; repaired a water leak on E. Allegheny St. on October 25; the streets were plowed on October 29 after 5-inches of snow fell; the authority started a 72-hour pump test beginning today at the Wineland Well field – the water will be pumped down Blair and Mulberry Streets.

Attorney FrederickGieg, Jr. reported that he was proud to have Attorney Chris Jancula as part of his firm. He also reported that he prepared the new Earned Income Tax Ordinance which is necessary in addition to the joint ad. A copy of the ordinance was delivered to the Altoona Mirror and the Blair County Law Library.

Council on a motion by Doreen Easly, seconded by Durban Metzler, adopted Ordinance No. 2911-584 to levy a tax on earned income and net profits. The motion passed unanimously. This ordinance puts us in compliance with Act 32.

Attorney Gieg reported that they are still waiting to prepare the Flood Plain Ordinance. It will be effective March 2012. They will be working with Chief Kerry Hoover on the Huston Township Agreement. Attorney Matt Gieg and Manager Stoltz had a meeting with a member of the Cohen family regarding the roadway beside Riverside. He suggested that council have an executive session to further discuss the matter following the meeting this evening. A copy of Martinsburg’s ORdinance regulating insurance proceeds that was recently passed was put on file. This will help protect our community against unsafe burned out buildings. Attorney Matt Gieg reported that he attended the SCCBA dinner meeting and the food was excellent.

Linda Smith reported that the Revitalization Committee met on October 31. Jessica Sheets was unable to attend that meeting but she is working on getting funds for a feasibility study. The fall decorations were taken down at the square. A Christmas display was put up in front of the post office near the Community Fund thermometer. Winterfest is November 19. The committee is doing the Twelve Days of Christmas again. The committee will be decorating the gazebo on November 14. Their next meeting is scheduled for November 28.

Connie Lamborn inquired if the Blair county recycling truck would take the eight bags of plastic that are out at the bins. Manager Stoltz felt they would. They do not take glass because they cannot make any money on it. Burgmeiers Hauling does take glass.

Durban Metzler was concerned that the compost site was getting full. Some of it needs to be ground up.

The topic of the new trees was tabled until February. Durban Metzler wants to see various landscapers’ ideas for a layout before deciding on one. He will try to get a few to choose from.

Jane Stailyreported that there needs to be a meeting with PMRS to review the questionnaire they need filled out regarding changing the police pension killed in service benefit to be state funded instead of being taken from the pension plan. Two other changes need to beincorporated into our police pension ordinance including recognition of PMRS as an IRA regulated pension plan and the award of excess interest. Attorney Frederick Gieg, Jr. would like to attend the meeting when it is arranged.

Manager Stoltz reported on the status of the flood plain ordinance. The most recent changes recommended from Federal Emergency Management Agency need to be incorporated into our ordinance then it needs to be sent back to them to review and approve. Their last list of recommended changes are numerous and will not be easily incorporated. Manager Stoltz reported that while we do have to adopt the ordinance Martinsburg Borough does not have any flood zones.

Council on a motion by Doreen Easly, seconded by Durban Metzler, approved to advertise Draft Budget 2012-4 for a 10-day public inspection period for consideration for adoption at the December council meeting. This budget requires a ½ mill increase in real estate tax to support it. The motion passed unanimously. Employee raises have traditionally been incorporated into the budgets.

Manager Stoltz reported that he is reapplying for a grant to update our comprehensive plan. There are now three categories of grants.

Council on a motion by Doreen Easly, seconded by Durban Metzler, appointed Nathan Ormsby to replace Joe Hinish on the Martinsburg Municipal Authority to fulfill the reminder of his five year term ending January 2012. Joe Hinish no longer resides in the borough or surrounding townships that the authority services. The motion passed unanimously.

Council on a motion by Doreen Easly, seconded by Durban Metzler, also appointed Nathan Ormsby to the five year term ending January 2017. The motion passed unanimously.

Council on a motion by Linda Smith, seconded by Durban Metzler, approved to advertise Ordinance NO. 2011 – 585 Real Estate Tax 20.5-mills (1/2 mill increase). The motion passed unanimously. Manager Stoltz commented that ½-mill of Real Estate Tax is equivalent to about $5-10 per household for the year.

Council on a motion by Dan Smouse, seconded by Doreen Easly, approved to advertise Ordinance NO. 2011 – 586 Per Capita Tax $5.00. The motion passed unanimously.

On a motion by Doreen Easly, seconded by Dan Smouse, council approved of the following 2012 meeting dates to be advertised. The motion passed unanimously:

MAY 7 JUN 4 JUL 9(2nd Mon) AUG 6
SEP 4 (Tues) OCT 1 NOV 5 DEC 3

Manage Stoltz reported that the annual Community Fund Drive letters have been mailed. Their goal this year is to raise $39,450.

The meeting adjourned at 8:11 p.m. on a motion by Doreen Easly, seconded by Durban Metzler. The motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

M.Jane Staily
Borough Secretary