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Martinsburg Borough Council Minutes – December 5, 2011


DECEMBER 5, 2011

The regular meeting of the Martinsburg Borough Council was held on Monday, December 5, 2011, in the municipal building. The meeting started at 7:00 p.m. with prayer by Randy Stoltz and the Pledge of Allegiance.

ELECTED OFFICIALS PRESENT: Mayor Rex L. Hartman, President Connie S. Lamborn, Vice-President Doreen K. Easly, Councilman Edward L. Bennett, Councilman Durban D. Metzler, CouncilwomanLinda K. Smith, and Councilman Daniel R. Smouse

ALSO PRESENT were Borough Manager Randy Stoltz, Borough SecretaryJane Staily, Chief Kerry Hoover, Sgt. Justin Davis, Rich Brantner, Jr., Attorney Frederick B. Gieg, Jr, and Attorney Matt Gieg

An executive session will be held at the end of the meeting to discuss legal matters.

The MINUTES of the regular meeting of November 7, 2011, were approved with the insertion of Mayor Rex Hartman as being present and the correction of a few spelling errors on a motion by Linda Smith, seconded by Durban Metzler. The motion passed unanimously.

The MINUTES of the special meeting of November 21, 2011, were approved on a motion by Doreen Easly, seconded by Dan Smouse. The motion passed unanimously.

The FINANCIAL AND TREASURER’S REPORTS were presented for November 2011 as written.

The LIST OF BILLS for November 2011, check nos. 6242-6290 in the amount of $61,994.60 was approved on a motion by Doreen Easly, seconded by Ed Bennett. The motion passed unanimously.

Chief Kerry Hoover presented the police report as written. On November 9 he attended a meeting with eight different police departments for a presentation on the Visual Alert program. Chief Hoover met with Metro Technology at the Freedom Township Police Department. Our department is still using Visual Alert Version 1 but Version 2 is now available. Metro Technology will continue to support Version 1 until the last user is done with it, but there will no longer be updates available for it. When we purchased Version 1 we got it at a quantity discount price because eight police departments went together to purchase it at the same time. Not all eight departments are ready to purchase Version 2 yet since they have recently been burdened with the mandated purchase of new radios. The tech support cost of $1,095 annually will also apply to Version 2. The price of the new program will include training. Chief Hoover was invited to Don and Candy Hoover’s residence to discuss purchasing an RTV through the Leah Hoover Memorial Fund for use by the Martinsburg Fire Company and the Martinsburg Police Department to use on searches and brush fires. On November 16 attended the Operation Our Town Law Enforcement Roundtable meeting to discuss them paying to start up the Neighborhood Watch Program again.

Chief Hoover presented copies of the draft Huston Township agreement for council. The draft showed the hourly rate for 2012 and 2013 as $35.00 and the IRS mileage as $0.555. After considerable discussion regarding annual cost increases council on a motion by Dan Smouse, seconded by Doreen Easly, changed the 2012 hourly rate to $35.50 and the 2013 hourly rate to $36.00 for the Huston Township Agreement. The motion passed unanimously. Chief Hoover will send the agreement with the changes toHustonTownship.

Manager Randy Stoltz attended some water classes on November 9 and 17; a water class sponsored by PRWA will be held here in our municipal building on December 7 – Manager Stoltz and Rich Brantner, Jr. will both be attending on free registrations since the class will be held

here – Manager Stoltz appreciates the convenience of having it local in case they would be called out on an emergency; Bettwy will be coming tomorrow to install the new screen and projection camera in the conference room; the borough crew put up the Winterfest banner and also took it down after the event was over; Manager Stoltz wanted the public to know that the borough does support the park in many ways not only in aiding them with events but with annual monetary donations and with water and sewer utility problems; Durban Metzler reported that he is planning to attend the public meeting scheduled for January 12, 2012 to discuss the park’s current financial problems; Manager Stoltz accompanied Chief Hoover to the VA Hospital to pick up some free furniture for the borough building and some chairs for the food bank; Manager Stoltz and Rich Brantner picked up donated food items from the school district for the food pantry on November 22; and the borough employees decorated the municipal grounds with Christmas decorations.

Attorney Frederick Gieg, Jr. reported that the 2012 tax ordinances were advertised. He commended council for the nice resolution that was prepared for this evening to recognize Joe Hinish as a long standing member on the municipal authority. Attorney Gieg recommended that council hold an executive session for Attorney Matt Gieg to discuss personnel matters with them after the adjournment of the meeting this evening.

Ed Bennett reported that the new crack sealing machine was used again today on S. Walnut, S. Mulberry and E. Christiana Streets.

Durban Metzler reported that on November 17 T. L. Long Excavating completed the sewer line replacement project on N. Mulberry Street from E. Allegheny St. to E. Julian St. and will be replacing water line on S. Mansard Street and Hershberger Street in the spring. A new sewage pump was replaced in the Hoover Drive lift station on November 18. Bob Greenleaf will be stepping down from President to Vice-President of the municipal authority until his term ends January 1, 2013, then he will not be renewing his term. He has been a member of the authority since sometime back in the 1950’s. Council felt a plaque or something comparable will be appropriate for him at the end of his term.

Dan Smouse reported that the fire company meets the second Monday of each month.

Linda Smith reported that the Revitalization Committee did not meet this month.

Doreen Easly reported that the ministerium’s Cove Christmas Love toy distribution was scheduled for December 8.

It was announced that Shawn Daughenbaugh was elected to borough council for the four year term beginning January 1, 2012 to replace Suzanne McNally. He was unable to attend the meeting this evening to introduce himself due to his work schedule.

Durban Metzler received a landscaping quote from Ken Ake Landscaping but plans to receive a few more before spring.

Council on a motion by Linda Smith, seconded by Ed Bennett, voted to advertise the Flood Plain Ordinance for consideration for adoption at the next meeting. The motion passed unanimously.

Manager Stoltz presented council with a 23-page Emergency Operations Plan to be considered for adoption by promulgation at the January 2012 meeting and it is not required to be advertised. The basic plan can be shown to the public but the Notification Resource Manual, which is full of phone numbers and addresses, is not a public document and is not subject to the Right to Know Law.

It was noted that Connie Lamborn and Dan Smouse still need to take their NIMS certification test. Manager Stoltz recommended they take it as a group as opposed to taking it individually online because it is easier that way.

On a motion by Linda Smith, seconded by Doreen Easly, council voted to make a contribution of $250 to the Cove Christmas love toy distribution program to be taken from the 2011 budget. The motion passed unanimously.

Attorney Frederick Gieg, Jr. was please to announce that Governor Tom Corbett has signed a new law concerning bidding. No telephone quotes or regular bids are required if a project is under $10,000. If the project is between $10,000 to $18,500 it only requires telephone quotes. Any project over $18,500 will require standard bidding.

It was the consensus of the council to advertise the year end meeting for Monday, December 19 at 1:00 p.m. to pass the 2012 tax ordinances, budget and for general purposes. Reminder cards will be sent out.

Council on a motion by Durban Metzler, seconded by Doreen Easly, adopted Resolution No. 2011-1205-01 acknowledging Joseph L. Hinish’s nine years of service as a member of the Martinsburg Municipal Authority from January 16, 2003 through October 19, 2011, subject to verification of his begin date. The motion passed unanimously.

Manager Randy Stoltz found his 2003 pocket calendar and verified that Joe Hinish was in fact appointed by council on January 9, 2003, and his first municipal authority meeting was January 16, 2003.

The meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m. on a motion by Dan Smouse, seconded by Doreen Easly. The motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

M.Jane Staily

Borough Secretary