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Martinsburg Borough Council Minutes – June 4, 2012


JUNE 4, 2012

A public meeting was held at 6:45 p.m. as required by law to hear if anyone objects to taking over the roadway beside the Riverside Market to be ordained as a borough street named Borough Way. Connie Lamborn reported that she has only been receiving positive comments outside of the meetings so far. No other comments were made. The public meeting for Borough Way closed at 6:51 p.m.

The regular meeting of the Martinsburg Borough Council was held on Monday, June 4, 2012, in the municipal building. The meeting started at 7:00 p.m. with prayer by Doreen Easly and the Pledge of Allegiance.

ELECTED OFFICIALS PRESENT: Mayor Rex L. Hartman, President Connie S. Lamborn, Vice-President Doreen K. Easly (arrived 6:47 p.m.), Pro-Tempore Durban D. Metzler, Councilman Shawn D. Daughenbaugh (6:54 p.m.), Councilwoman Linda K. Smith and Councilman Daniel R. Smouse

ALSO PRESENT: Borough Secretary Jane Staily, Chief Kerry Hoover, Rich Brantner, Jr. (arrived at 6:50 p.m.), Sgt. Justin Davis, Attorney Frederick Gieg, Jr., Attorney Matt Gieg, Ryan Brown of the Altoona Mirror, John Long, Mike Lazzari, and Allan Bassler of the Morrisons Cove Herald

John Long was present to talk about the upcoming Outhouse Race event to be held on July 20 beginning at 6:00 p.m. in Martinsburg. He was requesting permission for the police to close Walnut Street during the event. John Long will be paying for the event and all proceeds will be going to the Martinsburg Volunteer Fire Company. A copy of his insurance policy was given to Attorney Frederick Gieg to review. He did not bring along the rules or waiver but will make sure a copy of these documents are given to the borough office. There were no noted problems during last year’s outhouse race. Sgt. Justin Davis did request that John Long give the police department advance notice of what all will be needed from the police department regarding traffic cones set up, etc. It was the consensus of council to authorize John Long to hold the outhouse race in Martinsburg again this year as requested. Attorney Gieg questioned Mr. Long about the insurance policy listing “Cove Outhouse Race” as opposed to “John Long”. Attorney Gieg will contact John Long’s insurance writer Mark Gingrich to discuss this. The borough would like to receive the rules and regulations of the race to keep on file. The fire company was inquiring about what time the race would be over so they know when to start their entertainment for the Annual Ox Roast Sale that same evening. John Long anticipated the race to last about 2 ½ hrs.

(7:09 p.m.)

Mark Lazzari of the EADS Group was present to answer any questions that council might have regarding the Comprehensive Plan. Attorney Gieg had a few issues with the language in the agreement regarding North Woodbury Township. Those corrections have already been made. The two year contract will be between the EADS Group and the Borough of Martinsburg and an internal agreement could be used between the Borough of Martinsburg and North Woodbury Township for them to pay their share. Council on a motion by Dan Smouse, seconded by Doreen Easly, approved of the Agreement with the EADS Group for the Comprehensive Plan to proceed forward subject to getting an internal agreement drawn up between the Borough of Martinsburg and North Woodbury Township for the township to pay their own share to be included in the new agreement. The motion passed unanimously. The start date could be as soon as July 1.

(7:15 p.m.)

The MINUTES of the regular meeting of May 7, 2012, were approved with a correction to the spelling of “Writ” on a motion by Doreen Easly, seconded by Durban Metzler. The motion passed unanimously.

The FINANCIAL AND TREASURER’S REPORTS were presented for May 2012 as written.

The LIST OF BILLS for May 2012, check nos. 6502-6535 in the amount of $39,167.56 was approved on a motion by Doreen Easly, seconded by Linda Smith. The motion passed unanimously.

Police Chief Kerry Hoover presented the police report as written. One of his part-time patrolmen resigned this month to take a job with Allegheny Township with the potential for full-time employment. There were not many dog calls this month. A permit from PennDOT is required to close a state highway. Stacy Kopco did obtain a PennDOT permit to close a portion of W. Allegheny St. for the Cruise In that was held to benefit the Fragile X Syndrome Foundation. The police department had to send it in for Stacy. The Kopcos have been holding this event for several years. Closing off the street made the event a lot safer. The fire police took care of closing off the street. We did have an officer on duty but the fire police took care of the traffic control. The police department made sure that the public still had access to the other businesses on that street during the event.

Manager Rand Stoltz was not present but his written report was included in the agenda material. A water training class sponsored by the PA Rural Water Association was held in the council meeting room on May 15 – Brian Miller, Rich Brantner and Randy Stoltz attended along with 17 others from the area – two of our students were permitted to attend free of charge for hosting the class – lunch was served at the park; Linda Smith, Doreen Easly, Cindy Hershberger and Randy Stoltz met for the second time to review five engineering firm proposals to decide which one to retain to design the streetscape project – forms using a PennDOT format were used to rank the submissions; weeds were sprayed along the street curbing on May 17; the borough received a check in the amount of $349.00 from the Bank of America to cover the mowing fine and $234 to the municipal authority to cover the delinquent water and sewer charges for 406 W. Allegheny St. – they are now paid in full; construction started on May 25 for the installation of a new 6” water main on the 200 block of Locust Street; and current rain fall for the month of May is 7.7” as recorded on Manager Stoltz’s rain gauge.

Attorney Gieg reported that the Borough Way street ordinance is ready to be adopted this evening – the original ordinance and copies will be mailed to the borough office for execution. Attorney Gieg reviewed the EADS contract for the streetscape project. The Bank of America paid the amounts that were liened for the property at 406 W. Allegheny Street – both liens will be satisfied. Attorney Gieg will contact John Long’s insurance agent tomorrow to discuss his policy for the outhouse race – the waivers prepared by Attorney Lape were fine.

Rich Brantner reported that they have been working on the water line on Locust Street and have been crossing a lot of gas lines in the process.

Linda Smith reported that the Revitalization Committee put the planters out in town center before Memorial Day. The committee has a daily watering schedule but is encouraging the businesses to help water the plants also. Chief Hoover commented on the interesting flower pot designs this year.

Linda Smith expressed concern about how the recycling bins keep overflowing.

Ordinance No. 2012-588 to lay out, take over, accept and maintain as a Borough Street 16’ wide to be known as Borough Way, was properly advertised and adopted on a motion by Doreen Easly, second by Linda Smith. The motion passed unanimously.

The topic of the trees to be planted on the municipal building lawn was tabled.

A letter was prepared to be sent to the Tour de Toona from borough council endorsing their bicycle race and the route through Martinsburg. Council on a motion by Durban Metzler, seconded by Dan Smouse, accepted Resolution No. 2012-0604-01 endorsing the Tour de ‘Toona to come through Martinsburg on August 10, 2012, subject to the Tour de Toona providing a Certificate of Liability Insurance naming the Borough of Martinsburg as the Certificate Holder and the Additional Insured prior to the start of the race. The motion passed unanimously.

The committee chosen to review the engineering firms for the streetscape project reportedly found it difficult to pick because all five firms were well qualified for the job. The committee ranked each submittal using the PennDOT ranking format and concluded that GAI Consultants should be chosen as the firm to provide the engineering and related services for the Martinsburg Streetscape Project. GAI was best suited for the job because they have done more streetscape projects similar to the one we are going to do than the other four firms. Based on the committee’s recommendation, council on a motion by Dan Smouse, seconded by Linda Smith, chose to retain GAI Consultants for the streetscape project. The motion passed unanimously. A detailed technical and price proposal will be requested from GAI once final funding for the project has been determined. This will be near the end of the year after we hear whether we are awarded any funds from the Keystone Grant and the Community Development Block Grant.

Chief Hoover reported that Tri Star brought in three police vehicles for the department to look at. Chief Hoover was not interested in the Dodge Charger. The other two he was interested in were the Explorer and the Taurus. He prefers the Explorer because it will get around better in the winter and will do better on the mountain in any weather and it has a lot of cargo space. First National Bank will lease out the cars for a buy out at the end of $1.00. Chief Hoover obtained prices on the extras (light bars, etc.) from Multi Com and Team Force. The extras will put the purchase a little over what we budgeted. Based on Chief Hoover’s recommendation, council on a motion by Dan Smouse, seconded by Doreen Easly, approved to purchase a 2013 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor as the new police car from Tri Star Blairsville in the amount of $25,435 and add-ons from both Team Force for $6,532.90 and Jack White for $500.00 all totaling $32,467.90 to be paid for from a three year lease agreement through First National Bank as already budgeted in the 2012 Equipment Fund. Tri Star will also be paying $1,000 to us for the trade in of our old police car. The motion passed unanimously.

The next South Central Counties Borough’s Association meeting will be held on Thursday, July 19, 2012 at the Bedford Elks Club. Reservations are due in by July 10.

Council on a motion by Doreen Easly, seconded by Durban Metzler, granted the Park at Morrisons Cove permission for Brumbaugh Fireworks Display, Inc. to set off two fireworks displays for the 2012 July 4th Celebration at Morrisons Cove Memorial Park Sports and Recreation Complex. The displays will be held at 10:15 p.m. on Wednesday, July 4th and Saturday, July 7th. The motion passed unanimously.

A thank you note was received from the Martinsburg Library for the 2012 allocation sent to them this year.

Received the audit report from the Auditor General’s Office for the period January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2010 for the Martinsburg Uniform and Non-uniform Pension Plans. Since the last audit the borough has deposited $11,710 from the sale of stock and $1,966 of dividends to the PMRS pension plan account for the non-uniformed pension plan. Both plans are now in compliance.

The meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m. on a motion by Dan Smouse, seconded by Shawn Daughenbaugh. The motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

M. Jane Staily

Borough Secretary